About Future Eco

Nine strong companies within environmental technology, manufacturing and recycling in the municipality of Boden in northern Sweden have joined forces to form Future Eco North Sweden AB, a company focused on innovation, sustainability and collaboration.

Future Eco focuses on the processing of residual and waste products and the development of manufacturing processes for the businesses that own the company, in collaboration with other regional, national and international stakeholders.

Our long-term goals are to:

  • Eliminate landfill to the greatest extent possible
  • Make incineration more efficient and thus minimise its environmental impact
  • Focus on the development of new products

We aim to achieve these goals by working long-term for the increased further processing of waste, the continual development of new products, processes and services within energy solutions and waste utilisation, and increased levels and forms of collaboration within and between private and public businesses, both nationally and internationally. Our work is based on our shareholders' businesses and the idea that more people should be able to make money from waste.

Living entrepreneurship

Our philosophy is that people and ideas develop and grow best when given freedom with responsibility. Future Eco is driven by the idea of living entrepreneurship and has owners that are active within a range of future-oriented industries. Future Eco is the common platform that opens doors, shows the way and provides support and guidance. We are also prepared to fight the good fight when necessary, and we are always attentive to the changes and wishes of the world around us.


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