Future Eco background



For more than ten years now, the municipality of Boden in northern Sweden has seen long-term investment in the fields of bioenergy and waste management and recycling from the public sector as well as private businesses within the region's trade and industry community.

Within the framework of the NWI (North Waste Infrastructure) project, in dialogue with the municipality of Boden's business and enterprise developers, a number of companies have joined forces to form a new competence, development and research company.

Future Eco was founded, opened its offices, employed a CEO and commenced its first projects in 2012.


1 mar 2016
Future Eco completes its owner group, going from seven to nine strong stakeholders. Frebelt new...
21 okt 2012
Future Eco, its co-owner Boden Municipality and Biogas Boden are taking part in a feasibility...
17 okt 2012
Seven companies within the fields of environmental technology, manufacturing and recycling in the...