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Demo facility for combustion and drying

Future Eco has together with other actors developed a 600 m2 demonstration facility with a unique full scale multi-burner, BioTherm 500kW

The focus of the facility is mainly for drying and combustion of heavy alternate fuels with a moisture content of up to ~60%. The demo facility can operate on different fuels in mixes, e.g. chips, olive kernels, rice husks, offal, manure are some examples the has been tested. 

Drying in the multi-burner

This is the heart of the facility. The technology is a result of a research and development project over many years. The Boden company, Swebo Bioenergy, also a stakeholder in Future Eco, developed together with Luleå University of Technology a burner chamber capable of burning extremely moist fuels with a moisture content of up to ~60%.

The technology is already in use today at stables, studs, garden facilities and other places across the Nordic countries. There, the burner has a place in the local ecosystem. All by-products such as straw beds and manure are burned and generate clean energy. Emissions are well below established thresholds and the remaining ash is an attractive fertiliser for the forestry industry.


The variety of fuels and mixtures which can be tested with this technology is essentially unlimited. Practically anything combustible with a moisture content of up to ~60% can be burned. This covers many fuels previously rejected because of their high moisture content, that can now be used as fuels in a closed, environmentally friendly system rather than paying for it to be sent away to landfills. All this whilst providing energy and heat.

Examples of materials that can be used are:

● Olive pits
● Potato peelings
● Crisps
● Slaughterhouse waste
● Horse manure
● Chicken manure
● Straw
● Wet woodchips
● Waste pellets and traditional pellets
● Tree branches and tops
● Grains
● Rice husks

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