Full scale demonstration facility for freeze drying of sewage sludge

Within the same facilities as the drying and combustion demo facility, a Vinnova project will be completed during the winter/spring of 2016. It is to result in an internationally unique, full scale demonstration facility, primarily for sewage sludge, owned by Ragn-Sells, with Berglunds Rostfria in charge of technical coordination.


The goal of the project is to construct a full scale demonstration facility for freeze drying of sewage sludge in order to commercialise a technology which is more efficient than current drying methods. The end goal of the project is a working, patent pending and documented demonstration facility for freeze drying of sewage sludge.

Expected results

Freeze drying of sludge is an important innovation in environmental technology, enabling drastically reduced sludge transportation and increased use of biofuels, which may for instance replace fossil fuels. The technology also has an important position in the innovation system geared towards extraction of phosphorus from sewage sludge which does not meet legal requirements for direct distribution to farm fields. In order for phosphorus extraction to be possible, the sludge has to be burned, which requires an increase of its dry matter ratio. Freeze drying is a much more efficient dewatering method compared to traditional, thermal dewatering.


Initially, know-how in the field of freeze drying will be transferred from FriGeo to Berglunds, who are responsible for construction and production of production equipment. A process and flowchart is established together with a legally binding agreement between the involved parties. The construction phase will result in the required technical dimensioning and a full scale, adjustable demonstration facility. Future Eco, Swebo and Ragn-Sells will set up a facility with the required level of safety for the trimming, testing and production phases of full scale freeze drying with continuous analysis and improvement.



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