Pros at bringing professionals together

Being co-owners of a company that is a professional when it comes to coordinating contacts, running projects, arranging investment and acting as a sounding board is a major step in the right direction for all of us who have become part of Future Eco.

For us, the company we jointly own is a platform where we can work in different constellations to further develop the ideas we bring with us from our respective businesses, as well as the new ideas that are hatched as a result of our interaction. This requires openness and a willingness to collaborate, something we all share. Our partnership is a fantastic basis for ensuring that endeavours with good development potential, both for us and for the local community, the region, our partners and the environment, don't simply remain on the drawing board but become reality and are given the opportunity to develop and grow in collaboration with other professionals. We are convinced that the companies that own Future Eco not only complement each other extremely well, but also possess excellent potential for the creation of truly exciting and revolutionary initiatives and investments, now and in the future.

We all believe strongly in Future Eco!

AB Berglunds Rostfria


Bodens kommun, Biogas Boden

Frebelt AB

Harads Arctic Heat AB

Svalget Återvinning

Swebo Bionergy AB




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