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Ongoing pilot studies

A number of feasibility studies are run in parallel to lay the foundation for future projects and technology development in collaboration with and between our stakeholders and partners.


Some of our ongoing pilot studies are:

  • New products from conveyer belts - Frebelt and Svalget Återvinning


Examples of completed feasibility studies:

  • Forestry pellet design  - BDX (machinery), Nordmark (spreading equipment)
  • Soil purification using acids from food waste - Ragn-Sells
  • Stabilisation, verification of soil using ash - Ragn-Sells
  • Purification of oil-polluted ballast (gravel) - PEAB Asfalt
  • Water purification using Kitosan, processed shrimp and lobster shells - Swerecycling
  • Geo-oxidation with Eko/Harden for purification of metals in soil - Swerecycling
  • Biogas from fish waste - Berglunds Rostfria
  • Demo Brännkläppen  - preprocessing and testing facility for production of substrates for biogas production - Boden Council
  • New 160-200kW burner for manure mixtures, connected to the development of new flue gas purification systems - Swebo Bioenergy
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