The coordinator that makes things happen

Future Eco acts as a sort of coordinator between various members of the trade and industry community and society. We are an official partner of Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and Svea Skog in on-going applications and feasibility studies. We also collaborate with Vattenfall, SSAB, LKAB, ETC and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Our role is to bring these various authorities, organisations and areas of expertise together with the people in our organisation in order to create real outcomes and make things happen.


1 mar 2016
Future Eco completes its owner group, going from seven to nine strong stakeholders. Frebelt new...
21 okt 2012
Future Eco, its co-owner Boden Municipality and Biogas Boden are taking part in a feasibility...
17 okt 2012
Seven companies within the fields of environmental technology, manufacturing and recycling in the...